Fairly new - Fairly recently

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  • Sub-Title: fairly new

    1. खाना पकानेमें यु समजलो कि मैं नयी जैसी हूं।

    2. રસોઈમાં સમજોને કે હું નવા જેવી છું.


    1. Realize that I am like new in cooking.

    2. Explanation:

      Not bad

    3. I'm fairly new to cooking.

    4. Explanation:

      An excellent and graceful way to express proper weightage. 'fairly' means above 'average'.

  • Sub-Title: fairly recently

    1. मैं अभी अभी ही उनसे मिला हु।

    2. હું  બસ હજુ હમણાજ તેને મળ્યો.


    1. I have just met her.

    2. Explanation:

      Good but not classic.

    3. I met her fairly recently.

    4. Explanation: