About Improve English


This web app is my reference book for improving English.

I was not lucky enough to have learnt good English during schooling period owing to limited resources. But then I gained the resources like internet that benefitted me to improve English. I realized that true translation (not word to word) of sentences from local language to English is a great way to enrich and polish our English Language knowledge. I made note of such translations for my reference. That was very much useful to me. I thought let others benefit from this theme. That thought inspired me to create this web Application.

Our Quotes

"Word To Word Translation Always? No.... !!!"

"Relation between languages are not one-to-one. It is true for not only words but also grammar."

"Learning a language is an art that gives us great satisfaction and happiness."

"A sentence is generally neither absolutely correct nor absolutely incorrect."

Application Structure
  • An item has one theme. It consists of many sub-items. Each sub-item consists of two parts.
  • First part consists of a sentence from local languages having the same meaning.
  • Second part consists of English translations in different ways. Better translation is towards bottom.

  • Tip: To learn self-interactively:
    1. Read the sentence in local language.
    2. Try to translate into English in different ways, but without referring translation given by this app and write down in a notebook.
    3. Compare that with the translation given by this app, especially last one .
    4. Create more such sentences for practice.
    Other Features:
    • This Web Application can well be opened in all devices like desktop, laptop, iPad, mobile etc.
    • It will help you speak naturally and easily.
    • You can decide which local (first) languages to show up through 'settings'. At present 'Hindi' and 'Gujarati' are available, but more will be added in future. (Volunteers required)
    • You can also learn from any one language to another.
    • The list of Items-Sentences is getting bigger! (Volunteers required)
    • This app will be updated with more features in future. Your valuable suggestions are welcome.
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